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MoneyTalk with Axehedge EP5

Investment Journey — A Millennial’s Perspective.

MoneyTalk with Axehedge EP5

Episode 5 of the ‘MoneyTalk ‘series by AxeHedge. In this latest episode from Axehedge in-house podcast series, we are covering investing journey from a millennial’s perspective.


Speaking with our very own strong man of Axehedge, Mr. Jun Ren — we will bring you for a walk on investment memory lane. Technology advancement had changed the investment scene almost 180. We come from reading daily stock prices in the newspaper in early 2000 to real-time prices straight to our mobile phones.


The memory of calling a broker to purchase a share and now moving to global self-investing directly from anywhere in the world. You can be in Malaysia, Australia, or the UK and invest in Starbucks and Tesla.

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