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AxeHedge is a technology platform that educates and enables global investing in a structured and simplified manner.

Through the combination of an agile tech stack, we aim to offer the following tools for our first build:

Axehub (a knowledge repository containing actionable insights and guides towards developing healthy and fundamentally sound investment practices).

Strategies (a simpler way to obtain global exposure, with low fees via ETFs).

Brokerage (search, discover and invest into global equities with zero-commissions).

The best part of all this, is that you can start investing with AxeHedge with zero-coding required and this is all made possible via our mobile application.

In short yes, AxeHedge is a start-up! Our journey began in 2021, where we gathered a team of investment professionals with experience working in hedge funds and private equity. Being users ourselves, we think that global investing shouldn’t be complex and should be an exciting experience overall. Hence why we built the platform starting with a small team of 8 which aims to bring simplicity and structure to investing.

At our current stage, we would want to commit our resources into solving problems that most of our users face – making global investing simpler and more structured. However, we do see the potential to inch into asset management soon. AxeHedge envisions that this future will provide investors with greater clarity and empowerment over selecting the mix of asset classes that have the potential to generate long-term consistent outperformance compared to market benchmarks.

When it comes to managing capital (or money in this case), we are of the opinion that investors should spend time educating and building the right foundation before committing capital into any asset class. Whilst one may not require a doctorate degree in Finance to plan and construct a portfolio that fits your investment goals, we would still recommend that investors have a good understanding on how assets in a portfolio can generate returns over in the long run, while managing the risks involved.

We think that the key enabler for this are digital investment tools – one which is readily available on demand, customisable and provides intuitive feedback to investors. Our goal at AxeHedge is to build reliable software and infrastructure that helps investors to focus on doing what they do best – beating the market.

We are firm believers in methodical and systematic approaches to investing. That is how we were trained, and that belief forms the foundation of what we are building here at AxeHedge.

Our mission is to guide and educate users through similar methodologies and systematic approaches applied by global asset managers. We aim to democratise this by spending time to create a great user experience on our platform, whilst facilitating users through a ‘workflow’ that asset managers apply: Research > Strategise > Invest > Monitor.

AxeHedge’s first approach to achieving this is by making the first step accessible and digestible to the average investor. We curated our knowledge repository (AxeHub) by providing investors with concise market update updates, infographics on complex concepts and bringing a touch of relatability via podcasts. We think our users will love what AxeHub brings, and we are excited to bring more engaging content to this product pillar.

Another approach that we are aiming to simplify is the investment and decision-making processes. With AxeHedge, we provide investors with real-time data, news, and research reports on the same platform. We also have made buying and selling global stocks even simpler and intuitive. You can start investing with as low as US$1 with zero-commissions on our platform – forever!

AxeHedge’s approach to investing is based on quantitative approaches applied by hedge fund managers. With intuitive software, we aim to bring systematic investing to a wider range of investors regardless of their investment goals or horizons.

In the asset management space, generating consistent outperformance is one of the largest challenges that most managers face. Our tools and solutions are designed to introduce greater structure and predictability to allow investors to perform consistently over in the long run through progressive iteration.

This journey begins by providing access to global equities, with zero-commissions, along with introducing newer ways to learn via actionable insights made available on AxeHub. Just over the horizon, we aim to introduce more intuitive ways for investors to take charge of their multi-asset portfolio on a singular platform.

AxeHedge provides access to the deepest capital market in the world, the US stock market. If there’s anything that sparks your interest on the S&P500 or NASDAQ, we have it!

If you encountered any bugs or issues with our application, send our team a message at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram (@axehedgeinvest). Our team will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days.