About Us

We are on a mission to make structured and simpler investing for everyone

Why we do what we do

We are firm believers in a systematic and methodical approach to investing. That is how we were trained and that is the foundation of what we are building at AxeHedge. We also believe that the future of investing is brighter when we incorporate advanced technologies like machine learning (ML) and quantitative finance to help investors make better decisions.


Our mission is to guide and educate users through the structured approaches applied at professional investment firms. We want to take it a step further by simplifying it for everyone.


In addition to the features that we are introducing in our planned launches, we want to give users the best experience when using our product. We have spent time and resources refining how users will use, learn and invest in our platform.


We believe that the average retail investors trade emotionally and impulsively. That is why we developed tools that allow users to set rational rules and criteria before investing. Our tools help users trade consistently, and systematically to attain long-term outperformance. Our proprietary engine also uses advanced computation to remove the burden of analysis and data processing, and allow users to focus on what they do best - executing investment decisions.


We have done the homework for users. Rather than publishing elaborate articles, AxeHedge provides bite-sized content in the form of short write-ups, infographics, short clips and podcasts. We are always on the move and who has time anyway!


AxeHedge provides users with analytics, real-time data, news and research reports from analysts in digestible formats. Our aim is to promote understanding, not obscure data or information. In order to achieve this, deliberate consideration has been taken by our team to create products which are easy to interact with and intuitive to use. This approach has been validated by our users and has been proven to make our products more accessible and useable.

Join us and build the financial system for everyone.